Posted by: Jack | August 23, 2006

Welcome to my Blog!

With the plentiful free time I have these days I figured it was about time I got into the world of blogging.

So whats happening in my life now you ask? Well I’m still in Olympia, WA with Anna and have yet to land a job. As a result I’m spending a lot of time refining my skills in the fields of unicycling, juggling, slacklining and cooking. Although Anna enjoys many of these activities, I was feeling a bit lonely in my pursuits for the past couple months. But this week I finally found some great people to practice with.

I first met a woman who juggles with an informal club which started at Evergreen College and will be joining all of them Thursday evenings to work on my feast skills and passing in general. The very next day I just happened to be passing by the local skatepark and much to my surprise I see another trials unicyclist. I find out he is Jack Hughes whom I had read about in various unicycling forums. He has completed the Seattle-to-Portland bicycle classic, a 200+ mile, 2-day ride (on unicycle) and took 2nd place in the world championships of mountain unicycling which took place on Mt. Fuji. Needless to say, I could learn a few things from this guy. However, it turns out I’m a better juggler so he too, could learn a few things from me. Jack (other) claims I am the first Jack he has ever met which led us both to remark on how its strange that the name is extremely common in fiction (books, movies, stories) yet fairly uncommon in reality. Also check out his entertaining short film Jack’s Addiction.

Anna and I also met a guy our age who just moved here from Scotland and like me, is still job hunting. Among the three of us and his girlfriend, there are many shared interests including film (thats how we met) and rock climbing. He informed me that the rock wall at Evergreen College even has a slackline set up sometimes so I may check that scene out and see if I can’t show off a bit.

Since moving out here Anna and I have done a couple backpacking trips which we have many photos/stories from:

Big Timber Creek Loop in Idaho

Olympic National Park in Washington

I’ll be keeping future posts shorter than this but as this was my first post ever, I had a lot to say.



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