Posted by: Jack | August 25, 2006


I have no official experience in the field of art. But I’ve always stood by the idea that good art is defined as a piece that someone appreciates. Quality of an item should not be assumed based on the artist. Actual worth should not be decided by the price that someone else places on the piece. And anything that can be replicated by everyone, regardless of training, should be valued at no more than the cost of materials plus a reasonable hourly labor rate.

All that been said, I have found that I have a strong appreciation for extremely cheap art often found at garage sales. Consider this painting which sold for $135 Million compared to the following (clockwise starting at upper left):


  • Framed Oil on Canvas – 24×60″ – $3
  • 3 Wood and Copper Viking Ships – $4
  • 3 Piece Framed Photo – 28×36″ – $1
  • Framed Mirrored Sailing Image – 30×24″ – $0.50
  • 2 Framed Oil on Canvas – 40×16″ – $3
  • Framed Photo – 20×28″ – $0.75
  • Oil on Canvas – 40×50″ – $20
  • Some kind of paint on Wood – 22×28″ – $2

Total expense: $34.25 And Anna and I like all of them.



  1. […] Sunday started out with a big breakfast with friends and family at the Best Western Hood River Inn, where my parents and many of the other guests stayed. We said our goodbyes and then Jack, Anna and I headed back to Portland alongside the gorge with plenty of kiteboarders and windsurfers to keep us entertained along the way. Once in Portland I picked up the rental car Bryan had dropped off at Anil’s (so required the logistics of getting Jeff and Molly to the airport, Bryan to Beaverton, and Jack, Anna and I to Olympia with a car for me to return to Portland in), and we headed north up I5 to Jack and Anna’s apartment in Olympia. Which is a great 2-bedroom loft with lush ferns and forest just feet from their deck. I was surprised at how much decorating they had done since they only moved in a few months ago, but I soon learned Jack and Anna have mastered garage sale hunting — and with the possible exception of the classic “college couch” which had been handed down one-too-many times (I had one with a tire tread on it from 1994 through 2000 and then gave it to some poor friend), it really felt comfortable and homey. […]

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