Posted by: Jack | August 30, 2006

Messenger Bag

At least a year ago someone sent me a link to the Timbuk2 website featuring their trendy, customizable messenger bags. At the time I was tempted to get one but they were super expensive and I really had no need for one so that would have been absurd. This morning however, when Anna was heading to the fabric store I realized that my backpack was no longer suitable for my juggling and slacklining needs. So I decided I would make my own messenger bag. I walked around the store thinking about design possibilities, changing my mind numerous times and coming up with a design which I eventually revamped entirely during the construction.

I got to work around 1 pm with the measuring and cutting, making it up as I went along. Awhile later I began sewing major seams together and the bag began to take shape. Hours later I was pretty much done and I have to say the bag looks awesome. I just have to reinforce the buckle straps and shorten the shoulder strap and its all set to go.

Total cost of this bag: $21

Total cost of nearly identical Timbuk2 bag: $100 + Shipping
For a few more photos of the design process check out my flickr photos here.


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