Posted by: Jack | September 5, 2006

Surfing in Westport

Mid morning Anna and I were trying to decide what to do with our Labor Day when we opted to head for the coast. We had been tossing around the idea of trying surfing but figured today we would just hit the beach and swim a bit. When we arrived in Westport we stopped at a surf shop just to get some info and were told that today was a great day for beginners due to the relatively low wind. We then made our way to the beach and were a bit dissappointed because when leaving Olympia it was a nice, sunny 75 degrees but the beach was a windy, overcast 60 degrees. We then tested the water and it was equally chilling. We later found out that the water is the coldest it’s been all year due to swells coming in from the North. Anyways, we figured our day at the beach was not going to be very enjoyable if we just laid around so we made the decision to try surfing. We got some boards and wetsuits and made our way into the water with no idea of how to surf. Less than 5 minutes later Anna was riding a wave into shore and stood up with ease! She managed a few more great rides before I even caught my first wave. But on my first try I got standing up and rode a fair distance as well.

Almost two hours later we decided we needed a break to regain feeling in our hands and most of our bodies for that matter. We were lucky enough to find refuge in a driftwood hut on the beach.


After realizing we weren’t going to warm up, we got back in the water for another hour or so. The waves continued to grow and some were between 6 and 8 feet. We never really managed to catch any of these but had a great time trying.

I wouldn’t yet say we’re “hooked” on surfing but with affordable rentals and quality waves only an hour away I know we’ll be out trying again. It goes without saying that I at least have to practice until I’m better than Anna.


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