Posted by: Jack | September 6, 2006

Jesus Camp

I haven’t yet seen this movie so this is not a review. Rather it is a reaction to what I saw in the trailer. I reccomend watching it so here is the link:

Jesus Camp Trailier

I want to first quote something I found on the movie’s site. The pastor in the film said that she sees children as an “untapped resource of potential dynamos as ministers of the gospel.” If this can be interpreted as anything but blatent admission of intent to manipulate and use children to promote her own beliefs then I would like to hear how.

The trailer and website make it unclear whether the film takes a side on the matter or just documents. Hopefully the latter is true, leaving the choice up to the viewer. But I find it hard to believe that anyone could get involved to the point where they feel compelled to make a film and yet refrain from expressing their opinion.

I could talk about this all day but basically I feel that children of that age do not get as emotional as shown in these clips in regards to religious/political issues. They are however, very susceptible to brainwashing and a logical target for someone who is trying to promote ideas which have no rational backing. While an adult is more likely to think critically (at least we hope so) about what is put in front of them, a child is just going to assume that certain authoritative figures are all knowing and always honest.

I think the pastor sums it all up near the end of the trailer by shouting “This means war. This means war.” Apparently she is the dictator/president/general of her army of children and they are the trained/manipulated/expendable soldiers. I hope in the very least this film prevents any parents from subjecting more children to the evil that is this Jesus Camp.



  1. HA! Looks like Jesus Camp has converted more folks to being anti-“Jesus Camp”, enough so to close it down for “several years.

    Good work, Jack. We’ll credit you and your blog for accomplishment.

  2. […] A short while ago I posted about Jesus Camp the movie. It’s a documentary about a evangelical summer camp where very young children are basically brainwashed into serving the needs of evangelical leaders. Apparently the film has drawn so much negative attention to the camp that the directors have decided to shut it down for at least a few years. […]

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