Posted by: Jack | September 7, 2006

District B13

Anna and I saw this movie tonight at the Capitol Theatre here in Olympia. We didn’t really know much about the film other than the fact that it starred David Belle, creator and master of Parkour. The movie is in French with subtitles which generally takes a great deal away from one’s perception of acting quality. But regardless, Anna and I were both pleasantly surprised. Featuring numerous real stunts, the film was a great relief from all the recent Eastern movies featuring martial artists who fly around and float with superhuman abilities. In District B13, it is obvious that all the stunts are authentic and no ropes or other special effects are used.

My main criticism of the movie is that its promotion of Parkour was in no way subtle. However, that may be purely my perception since I have seen David Belle in action many times and even seen numerous clips which I now realize were taken from this movie.

Overall I say its a good movie. If you don’t like violence in your movies you might not enjoy this but there is plenty of great action and a reasonably solid plot.



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