Posted by: Jack | September 12, 2006

We are Salmon Stewards

Last Thursday and Saturday Anna and I attended training sessions with the Stream Team, an organization that deals with all sorts of issues regarding the local water ways. Today we donned our official Salmon Steward vests and hats and spent three hours on the 5th Ave. bridge. Below the bridge is a dam which seperates the fresh water Capital Lake from the salt water of Puget Sound. Right now, the chinook salmon are making their run back up the Deschutes River to spawn. Part way up the Deschutes River just after the Tumwater Falls there is a salmon hatchery which will be harvesting nearly five million eggs. Our job as 5th Ave bridge stewards is to tend to the questions of the many pedestrians who come to the bridge to view the salmon while they acclimate to fresh water once again as well as the harbor seals and river otters that frequent the area. In our short time there Anna and I answered questions from over 100 people and in the process learned a great deal more about the salmon and water ways. It was a great time and an excellent way to meet a ton of people in the area. The huge salmon were amazing to watch and the skillful pack-hunting of the seals was a great show. We’ll be doing plenty more of this in the future.


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