Posted by: Jack | September 15, 2006

Juggling Knives!

I’ve wanted these for so long and I finally convinced myself to buy them. As soon as I’m done writing this I’m going out to throw big heavy knives in the air repeatedly in interesting patterns. I’m really excited.

I figured every knife/sword needs a sheath and rather than spend $30 on 3 of Dube’s custom made sheaths I just made my own. Pretty simple and it has a nice adjustable sling on it. I oringally planned on making two seperate sheaths and sewing them together so the space between would hold the third knife. But after finishing the first one, I found I could fit all three snuggly inside so I just left it at that.


  1. Your Mom’s not thrilled with the knives, Jackson!!! I was really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday and Jenil’s counting on you as a groomsman this Saturday, so use the knives for decorating the walls, OK?!

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