Posted by: Jack | September 26, 2006

Jenil Wedding

I think most everyone who reads this blog is fully informed regarding sister-Jen and new-brother-in-law-Anil’s wedding so I won’t talk about that. I did feel compelled to post a few great pictures though.

A large group of friends went rafting on the White Salmon River which included the class 5 falls you see here. Despite what you see, there are 8 people and a huge raft in this picture.

This next picture, taken about 2 seconds later, really sums up the intensity of the falls.

The following morning Bryan, Anna and I went hiking at Eagle Creek and up to Punch Bowl Falls. Anna snapped this excellent photo of Bryan and I. Click on the image for a larger version.

The next morning, before the wedding, Anna and I took a drive out to Mt. Hood. This first image was captured at one of the countless orchards in the area.

After a bit of searching we managed to find a narrow gravel road that climbed a hill/mountain and at the end discovered a fairly acceptable view of Mt. Hood. Again, click the image for a larger version.


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