Posted by: Jack | October 12, 2006

Juggling Knives in Action

It’s been awhile since my last post but to be honest, not much has been happening. I’m continuing the job search and taking more drastic steps every day. Something has got to work out pretty soon.

Anyways, just wanted to post this picture Julie took while she was visiting with us here in Olympia. I have no regrets about purchasing these somewhat expensive toys. They are an excellent challenge and attract a whole lot of attention. Nearly everytime I go out to juggle these days, I end up with at least one small group of spectators sitting down to watch for awhile.

Also in juggling news, I attened my first meeting of the Circus Resurgence, A.K.A: The Evergreen State College Juggling Club. It was a pretty large group of variously skilled jugglers but they were all very friendly and right away we were doing complex 3 and 4 person dynamic passing patterns. I’m happy to say that my practice this summer paid off and I have a few tricks that none of the other jugglers can do yet. I’m eager to bring my unicycle and slackline out and show them a thing or two in those realms as well.


  1. that shit does not look like its going to go well

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