Posted by: Jack | October 14, 2006

Dancing is not that hard!

Anna and I went to a dueling pianos show at a nearby Casino last night since there wasn’t a lot going on in town. The pianists were talented but it was actually dueling keyboards and they were more of a cheesey comedy act rather than a talented performance act. The real entertainment however, came from the few couples who got up to dance. Usually they would give it a shot during the slow songs and I can honestly say that not a single couple ever once found the beat. It’s one thing to not have good natural rhythm when trying to create a tempo yourself but when the most prominent sound is a strong and slow base beat, how can you miss it?

One couple inparticular kept getting up and they must have been line dancers–or at least wished they were, because they would start out with both hands tucked in their tight pockets and just be stepping around the stage still off beat. I think eventually the realized they weren’t going to sync up with the music so they would grab eachother and resume “slow dancing” which consisted of stepping on eachothers feet and tripping over their own.

On occasion I get out and dance, but its not like I’ve ever had any sort of training. Yet its not too rare that I have someone compliment me on my skills. I always find this odd because all I really do is bounce around to the beat. Anyone should be able to do what I do.

Near the end of the night I did have the opportunity to demonstrate my apparent rhythmical superiority when the pianists picked me and one other guy out of the crowd and forced us to do our best Elvis impersonations. Thankfully we didn’t have to sing and I was wearing a very classy outfit including suspenders which automatically made me look more impressive. I wouldn’t say I stole the show, but I definitely knocked the other guy’s pride down a bit.


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