Posted by: Jack | November 3, 2006

Olympia Film Festival

Each day this week I’ve spent 4-6 hours at the historic Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia. A large group of volunteers, myself included, has been repairing and preparing the theater for the annual film festival which starts today. In these few days I’ve found myself working on nearly every aspect of the building from painting the walls to installing new rigging 50 feet above the stage in the fly. I even spent a few hours on the roof doing maintenance on the ventilation ducts.

In addition to the generous amounts of donated pastries, pizza, soda, coffee and beer, I’ve earned a free pass to the entire festival, a $75 value.

Tonight Anna and I will be attending the opening night gala which begins with “jugglers, show-offs, there-to-be-seeners, and fire dancers.” Hopefully the rain will cool down for a bit because this portion is out on the street. After that a few dance troops will be performing some swing and salsa numbers before the festival gets going with its first film; C.R.A.Z.Y.

Following this film there is going to be a full blown disco dance party running until early tomorrow morning. Theres even a dance-off with a grand prize of a free full festival pass. Even though I already have one, I may have to enter, and win of course, so Anna can get a full pass as well.

My next few blog entries will probably be film reviews since I’m planning on seeing 10-15 films this week.


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