Posted by: Jack | November 7, 2006


Cine-X = Experimental film. If you ever see an advertisement for a showing of numerous experimental short films–absolutely do not attend.

Last night I went to check out a showing of these short films as part of the film festival and ended up walking out after about 15 minutes. After reading the descriptions of some more cine-x films that were showing tonight, Anna and I agreed they sounded interesting and I figured I could give it another shot. There were about 8 short films and I absolutely hated every single one. These pieces were not just boring. No, I can sit through a feature length boring movie if need be. These were down right awful. It seems that experimental soundtrack means finding the most annoying and painful noise imaginable and playing it repeatedly at very high volume. As for the imagery, apparently just pushing the record button on a camcorder is sufficient for producing film-worthy material.

If a creator of one of these films happens to read this I have to say the following to you: Just because you can film something doesn’t mean you should. Just because you did film something doesn’t mean it’s good. And just because there is a film festival in town doesn’t mean your film isn’t a waste of everyone’s time.


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