Posted by: Jack | November 10, 2006

No Comment?

I frequently hear feedback on my blog entries from people who shared their opinions with someone who then shares them with me. So I would like to remind everyone that there is a comment feature associated with this blog. If you click on the headline of any one entry, at the bottom of the next screen will be a leave-a-comment box. It has occurred to me that some people may hesitate to comment because they don’t think that I know they read my blog and don’t want to come across as stalking. First of all, odds are I do know that you read it and even if I don’t, I would be delighted to find out.

So please feel free to comment on any entry if you have something to say.


  1. You can also just click on the “Comments” link directly below the entry.

  2. This is really cool… Sometimes I can’t help but show you my unpredictable coast I have a fresh joke for you) What do you call a monster with no neck? The Lost Neck Monster.

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