Posted by: Jack | November 10, 2006

Walking to Werner

Anna and I saw this movie tonight as part of the film festival. It’s about a young man who was inspired by Werner Herzog, a German film director who walked from Munich to Paris to see a dying friend. Herzog believed that if he made the journey on foot, the friend would somehow still be alive when he arrived. And in fact, the friend did survive that long.

Linas Phillips, the director and subject of Walking to Werner, decided he would set out from his home in Seattle on his own trek to meet Herzog in Los Angeles. And of course he would be walking the 1200+ miles. Only a few days into the journey, Phillips received word that Herzog would be in Thailand working on a film before, and long after Phillips was due to arrive. The film really starts off here as Phillips continues on his journey believing that he will find some other purpose along the way. He meets a number of very interesting people who offer their insight into his situation.

For a documentary about a guy walking along highways for two months, it was very intriguing and entertaining. I have to give it about a 7.5 out of 10.

As an excellent bonus as the film ended, the audience was greeted by one of the film’s cameramen telling us that Phillips was being patched through to the PA system via phone for some Q&A. The first question asked was, “What are you doing right now?” Phillips, sounding short of breath, answered with, “Going for a walk.” He went on to explain that he was walking through a city park seeking out homeless people as part of another film he is working on.

It was really interesting to listen to him talk about where his life has taken him since the end of the film because it seemed as if the narration had never ended but rather the video had just cut out.


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