Posted by: Jack | November 16, 2006

Jesus Camp…..yeah again.

We finally saw this movie yesterday. There is not much to say about the quality of the film. It’s just a very straight forward documentary: nothing spectacular but definitely no obvious faults either. The content however leaves me wanting to seek out the children who attended this bible camp and lock them in a room with 1000 non-evangelist children until they realize that the kind of person they are being turned into is not acceptable in this world.

I could give example after example of the scenes that are nothing less than horrific but its basically the whole movie. However I will comment on one point that I was reminded of again and again in this movie. Just because you came up with a metaphor or analogy that relates to a subject in one way, does not mean that your subject and that analogy are forever intertwined. Everything that applies to your analogical subject will not by default apply to your literal subject. Children probably won’t understand this though and will assume your correlation is correct since you are an adult. So my point is: using a child’s limited deductive abilities and abundant trust to one’s own advantage while possibly causing serious emotional trauma to that child is about as evil as it gets. And in the case of evangelists, if you really believe in all this heaven, hell and sin stuff, ruining a child’s life to better one’s own has got to be a sin.

I reccomend everyone see this movie. The ~80 million evangelists in our country do pose a real threat to our way of life and constitutional rights.



  1. Amen!

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