Posted by: Jack | December 8, 2006

Interviewing, Christmas Shopping and Food Poisoning

The past few days have been reasonably interesting. Saturday night, Anna and I hosted a dinner party which we feel was pretty sucessful. I made a fresh spinach and mushroom lasagna which went over well.  The following evening we went down to the Capitol Theatre to watch a collection of short films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival. We had been looking forward to this event for some time as it would seem much of Olympia has. I had never seen the theater so packed. Unfortunately, Anna and I simultaneously began showing symptoms of food poisoning right as the first film began. Refusing to miss this once-a-year event, we suffered through the three hours of film in terrible discomfort relieved only by the increasingly frequent trips to the bathroom to try and reject  the cause of the problem.  I can safely say it was the most miserable movie theatre experience of my life. The films were pretty amazing though.

Anna tried to goto work Monday morning but ended up back home very early and we spent the entire day lying on the couch, unable to eat, drink and even move for the most part. This was not exactly the sort of preparation I had in mind for a job interview the following day. Late Monday, our symptoms subsided almost as suddenly as they had struck. So thankfully I was able to make it to my job interview Tuesday and without worrying about having to dash off to a bathroom half way through. The interview was interesting and the six interviewers were very kind and welcoming, unlike my last interview. I feel that a majority of the process went very well but the following day I heard back that I had been beaten out by another applicant. Moving right along…

Backtracking to Saturday to cover the last subject of this post; Christmas shopping has been significantly easier than usual this year. I’ve had a strict tradition of waiting until Dec. 23rd or 24th to do a majority of my shopping for at least five years now. But it is so nice to have so much of it done already. The one remaining item I’m struggling with is a little something for Anna’s parents whom we’ll be visiting for a few days after Christmas. Any suggestions are extremely welcome.


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