Posted by: Jack | December 9, 2006

Olympia’s Skyline

While biking downtown to see the big Christmas tree at the capitol building we detoured over Tumwater Hill just for a little extra challenge today. I happened to have Anna’s camera with me so I snapped a few shots of the view in the eerie light. The resulting panorama is a little sketchy due to lighting issues but it’s still interesting. Click on the small image here to see it full size. If your browser automatically resizes it so you can see the whole thing, be sure to re-magnify it to full size.

Starting from the left you can see the Olympic mountain range, South Puget Sound, a light pole, the capitol, a lot of trees and houses and then Mt. Rainier. It was amazing how the mountain and the sky above it were glowing while everything else was just kind of gloomy and dim.

Also spent some time in Mental Court today at the courthouse just a couple minutes walk from our house. Feel free to wonder why.



  1. Cool panoramic! I think those are lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainier (thus the “glowing”). Check out this flickr photo. Something to look into…

  2. Yes, cool panorama!

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