Posted by: Jack | January 4, 2007

My New Camera

One of my many excellent Christmas gifts this year was the Panasonic DMC TZ1 digital camera. Therefore, I must apologize for the excessive number of photos which will inevitably be posted here in the near future. The following are just a few pictures from our trip back to Wisconsin for the holidays. I’m sure I will soon post more about the details of the trip but as I am battling a severe cold and fever that struck just a few hours ago, I am not all too motivated at the moment.

As usual, click each photo for a larger size.

This is my first picture ever taken in sepia coloring…or whatever the proper terminology would be.

This is definitely the kind of picture you would see hanging on the wall of a North woods cabin–much like the one I took this picture from.


Kristen enjoying her failed sledding attempt.

Kristen, Megan, Biz, Anna, Myself and Mallory at Biz’s home in Rice Lake.

Notice the out-of-focus poinsettia in the background. Super artsy.

Anna’s family. Left to right: Mary, Dan, Molly, Alec and of course Anna and I in our new matching fleece jackets.

When moving West I didn’t think I would miss the snowy Wisconsin winters but with scenes like this its hard to not crave a blanketing of snow on occasion. But then again, its not like La Crosse or Madison had anything like this anyway.

This isn’t a particularly good aerial photo but it was the only opportunity I got to capture anything other than clouds or farms.

One of Mom’s enormous and gorgeous amaryllises…amaryllisi? Thats a tough one to pluralize. Maybe I can just assume amaryllis is both singular and plural.

Ok thats all for now but rest assured, for there will be many more coming along soon.

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