Posted by: Jack | January 10, 2007

Juggling and My New Camera

My new camera has a nice big memory card in it so I can take lots of decent quality video. A couple days ago I got a little carried away with it and decided to see what all my juggling patterns look like from a viewer’s perspective. And then I thought to try the perspective of the floor. Turns out that the floor’s view has an interesting effect when on video because there is a lack of depth perception which provides kind of a slow motion illusion for the balls. These two videos kind of show what I’m talking about.

This first pattern I don’t know the true name of but I like to call it double take outs.

This is a multiplex pattern–more than one ball thrown from one hand in a single throw–of which I also don’t know the name but is super fun to do and relatively easy.

For more clips of me juggling as seen from below, click here to watch me juggling 5 balls and then on the right side of the window where it shows related videos, click “From User” and all of my videos will show up.


  1. Too cool — I love the optical illusion — looks like you’re juggling on the moon. The windmill one is fun. You should try setting the camera up above you and see if the same thing happens.

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