Posted by: Jack | January 17, 2007

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

While on our trip this weekend Anna and I spent part of our driving time listening to The God Delusion in auidobook format. It turned out to only be about six hours long which means the standard book format could probably be read in a matter of two or three hours. And I strongly recommend doing so. Coming out shortly after Sam Harris’s ever-popular End of Faith, which I’m also reading right now, The God Delusion presents another set of nearly undeniable arguments which not only confront the extreme unlikelihood of any truth underlying the current major religions but also exposes how even religious moderation and tolerance can be and are detrimental to nearly all things in our lives.

I believe that this book should appeal to all people but in reality I imagine that many will quickly reject it on the same principles on which they reject things such as evolution. But even if it offends and angers someone to listen to these arguments, I have to assume that being presented with loads of factual information can’t be harmful in anyway, especially when looking at the bigger picture.

So if you’ve ever taken the time to even once question something about your faith or simply never had any, I highly recommend this quick and straight forward read. I really believe this is one of those books that if everyone could just take the time to read and at least try to understand, the world really could improve and humans could progress at a far faster pace.

If you don’t feel that religion is having any retarding effect on the progression of our species consider the fact that certain school systems in the US are teaching their young students the principles of “Flood Dynamics” in place of Geology. And yes, “Flood Dynamics” is the study of how the world was changed by the great flood for which Noah built his ark.


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