Posted by: Jack | January 23, 2007

Death of a President

We watched this movie tonight and were very impressed. Although I can see obvious reasons for it not reaching a majority of box office’s, it is definitely far more worthy than a majority of film’s that do so.

If you haven’t heard of the film–I was unaware of its existence until Anna brought it up–it is a fictional movie masked as a documentary about the assassination of president Bush in October of this year. While the narration comes from a cast of fictional characters, much of the footage is real and is incorporated seamlessly. Numerous times I was left wondering how they could have possibly found footage of a scene that seemed as if it could be from nothing else but an actual occurance of Bush’s death.

Although the topic is hardly brought up, the movie’s message seems to be focused more on items like the patriot act and its consequences. Having said that, what do you wanna bet that this post gets picked up by some crawler for multiple occurences of the words Death, President, assassination and Bush. Now I’m not implying it would be any sort of infringement on my rights to do so but I imagine the release of a movie like this and the subsequent Internet based discussion is a nightmare for automated systems which scan for these topics. But then again, the phrase “nightmare for automated systems” has it obvious faults so I’ll just jump right off that train.

So anyways; good movie. I recommend it.


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