Posted by: Jack | January 23, 2007

Folgers Coffee

According to commercials which have aired since as long as I can remember, Folgers has made one primary claim regarding their coffee. But after cashing in on a super-coupon-of-the-week entitling me to 2+ lbs. of Folgers for about $4, I have discovered that the highlight of my rising each day is definitely not Folgers in my cup.

We generally grind our own beans at the grocery store as do so many people these days. And we have thus far been very content with our coffee. But when I saw this coupon I figured I could give Folgers a shot. I mean they seem to be a popular brand and I’m pretty sure they’ve been around longer than I have. They must have something going for them. But as it turns out, Folgers in my cup is not only not the best part of waking up, it also provides the aftertaste that ruins my breakfast and reminds me of the $4 I wasted each time I brew a pot.

So what is the lesson to be learned from this experience? Simple. Always be wary of the super-coupon-of-the-week. Oh, and Folgers coffee is terrible so don’t buy it again.



  1. The recent history of coffee in America reveals the Folgers business plan. Prior to WWII, coffee in America was not all bad. Flavor actually mattered and, if you could afford it, you could supposedly buy quality coffee beans.

    WWII disrupted foreign trade (to put it mildly) and made it difficult and expensive to import good coffee beans. American food manufactures responded by preparing the blandest, worst-tasting coffee beans ever sold. The push for convenience in the kitchen that followed in the 1950’s was a perfect opportunity to introduce the only coffee worse than Folgers—Folgers Instant.

    Basically, after WWII America got soft and forgot what good coffee tasted like, just we forgot what handcrafted beer tasted like. Fortunately, coffee AND beer have made big comebacks. Microbreweries and quality organic coffee beans have found a solid market again.

    Bottom line, coupon or no, some things are worth paying a little extra for.

    Cheers to good coffee and quality beer!!!

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