Posted by: Jack | January 24, 2007

Relatively Successful Day in the Job Hunt

I had my second interview with the Red Lion Hotel today. The first interview went very well and it was explained to me that the second interview was only required due to company policy. That was confirmed today when the interview lasted literally less than two minutes. Anyways, its not official but I can say with full certainty that I got the job. Although its obviously not getting me going on my career, it will be something to pay the bills and occupy the time until I can find something better.

After the interview, taking note of today’s unusually sunny and warm weather, I decided to go for a nice long unicycle ride and then do some juggling at a park downtown. On top of entertaining numerous children and their parents, I attracted the attention of an older man who introduced himself as Vaude DeVille. He is the owner of The Jupiter Troupe which is an Olympia based vaudeville style performance group. After describing me as “the world’s best juggler” to a colleague on the phone, he insisted that I take his card and give him a call when I know what my rate would be for a 10-20 minute show. I plan to attend one of his benefit shows in early February to see how my talent might compare. In the mean time I really need to get my act together…literally.


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