Posted by: Jack | January 24, 2007

Where to Next?

Continuing an annual tradition among myself and some friends, we intend to take a backpacking trip this summer. It can occasionally prove difficult to chose a specific location/trail due to the number of amazing trails available, especially in the summer. If anyone has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate hearing about it in an email or comment on this post. We will probably limit ourselves to the lower 48 as well as Southern Canada.

Thanks in advance for any help. Also, if you are reading this and would like to come along you are probably very welcome to do so. The troop initiation is generally tolerable for most applicants.



  1. Smoky Mountains! I think we went in somewhere around the Fontana Dam and then caught up with the Appalachian Trail for a while. Jen and I have both done this trip (separately) and it is fantastic. Beautiful scenery, few people (we went 3 days without seeing anyone) and lots of stream crossings. Some really unique campsites as well. I can send you a map of our route if you’re interested. -j.

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