Posted by: Jack | January 28, 2007

How much would you pay?

How much would you pay to have a juggler come to your child’s birthday party and do a 20-30 minute show possibly with a 10-15 minute intro-to-juggling course afterwards? Today was very sunny and warm and every local family with young children decided to go down to the park for the afternoon. As luck has it, thats where I was juggling. I had a continually fluctuating audience of 10-15 kids and 3-4 adults for nearly three hours and was asked multiple times if I perform for parties. One guy gave me his card along with his children’s birthdays and said to call anytime if I did decide to perform. He also said he would make it worth my while and that he lived in a large place on the lake. I suppose that was meant to imply that he is not strapped for cash.

Anyways, I really have no idea what the going rate is for this sort of thing. Presumably I would be charging on a per show basis because an hourly wage is pretty innappropriate. Obviously no formal education has provided these skills for me–oh wait, I did take Circus Arts twice at UW-L so strike that. I did attend an accredited university for my training and have since obtained a great deal of experience and done a fair share of research. I have also invested in tools to increase my abilities and expand my potential for accommodating any venue.

Most importantly, I would typically be entertaining at least 10 kids for the better part of an hour. Assuming that most children’s activities or a babysitter will generally cost a minimum of $10/hour I would raise my rate to the better side of $50 but then again, it is the parent(s) of only one child who will likely be paying the full price and they are less likely than I to consider the per child cost.

So to anyone out there who had/has/is going to have young children, please give me some feedback. I can offer a 10% discount on a show to the person who comes closest (without going under) to the rate I actually end up charging.


  1. never under estimate what people are willing to pay for a specialized services, see me or shroeder for examples.

    I would use something close to this….

    1 hour – $85
    2 hours – $130
    3 hours – $160

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