Posted by: Jack | February 2, 2007

Fox News vs. Ethical Reporting

I came across this clip from Fox News this morning and was just astounded. Now I don’t watch Fox News or any TV News on a regular basis so maybe this is how things always are but either way, this anchor has apparently discarded any obligation to be unbiased, unjudgemental and fair. Instead it seems he has taken this opportunity to have a heated, and ignorant on his part, debate regarding his own religious opinions.

View clip here:

I wanted to point out a few things that the anchor said which were especially poor form but realized that that would entail just writing out his entire side of the dialouge. I just honestly can’t understand how Fox lets this guy stay on the air. Not only did he demonstrate his ignorance regarding atheism (which he even managed to mention literally during a failed attempt to insult Flemming further) but he also exposed his lack of understanding for the teachings and origins of his own religion.

And although its giving some extra yards to the winning team, I have to explain to any who oppose atheism that it is just non-sense to say things like, “May God have mercy on you.” or “I’ll pray for your soul.” to an atheist. Thats like saying, “If you don’t shape up, Santa won’t bring you any presents this year.” to an adult.

Note: I know you’re thinking, “did Jack just use a football metaphor?” but the yards were in reference to an Ultimate field so, no I did not.



  1. Well if atheists weren’t such whiny fucktards, no one would care.

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