Posted by: Jack | February 5, 2007

MUni Training

In case you’re uninformed, MUni is short for Mountain Unicycling. And thats what I was doing earlier today. Almost one year ago Anna and I made the trip to Moab to attend the MoabMUniFest. The trails, riders and pretty much everything about the event was amazing. And coming home with photos like the one below, how could I possibly consider not going this year.

So when I saw that there was no chance of rain and temperatures were in the mid-50s today, I decided it was time to start getting in shape for this years MMF which takes place in about 1.5 months. I drove out to the Waddle Creek Trail in Capital Forest and soon realized that a lack of rain today does not imply dry ground. I found myself literally spinning my tire which is a big deal on a unicycle as my ability to balance is based entirely upon pushing against the pedals which in turn push the tire against the ground. But there was generally enough traction to keep moving and I still had a great time. My ability to handle truly rough terrain–which was plentiful today since huge sections of the trail were washed out leaving only large rocks and tree roots exposed in 3-foot deep ruts–was a little diminished since last season but I think I still did alright. I brought my camera along but soon realized that MUni is not all that exciting on video, especially with a still camera, no music and only a single scene. But nonetheless, here is one little clip from today. It at least sounds kind of cool.

Follow Up: Due to the extremely muddy conditions and lack of a hose at our apartment I had to take a shower with my unicycle this morning. Not complaining.

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