Posted by: Jack | February 6, 2007

Alternative Waffle Iron

The other day I decided I was going to have some pancakes for breakfast so I grabbed the box of pancake mix and the word “Waffle” just happened to catch my eye. Of course I knew the mix was for either pancakes or waffles and the only difference was how you cooked it. Not having a waffle iron, I had never really considered the waffle alternative, but instead of giving up and making just another old pancake breakfast, I pulled out the George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine. With a minor modification–propping up the front of the grill so the cooking surface is level–it became a fully functional waffle iron. I will admit the waffles look pretty funny, but if you had never seen a regular waffle before you would think it an odd sight too. A discovered benefit of this alternative waffle iron is that once the waffles are done, you can crack some eggs directly on the pan (or scramble them first) and cook the necessary waffle-counterparts. Pretty sure you can’t do that with a regular waffle iron.



  1. This! This is what I was looking for!! Thank you for letting me know it CAN be done.

  2. You just might make someone’s day. It really draws out their creativity. Let the kids make whatever they want out of the Activ-Clay.

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