Posted by: Jack | February 8, 2007

Nothing Beats a Classic Balloon Bouquet

At work tonight the client left us with a fair number of helium balloons to dispose of. As someone was heading off to find a needle to pop them, I suggested a more purposeful destiny for the bunch. After work ended, having gathered them all together in a bouquet and squeezing them out of the ballroom’s cargo doors–a challenge in itself–I hopped on my unicycle and headed for home. I didn’t make it too far as the bouquet was acting as a very effective drag chute. Walking the rest of the way and losing a balloon here and there to the occasional tree, I soon made it home. My plan was to bring all of the balloons in and surprise Anna in the morning, assuming she would already be asleep. After pulling what felt like a majority of the balloons inside…

…I slid on the floor back outside in order to push the remainder in. Turns out that my estimation of progress was a little off. Having effectively created a fire hazard which had become seemingly immobile, I began pushing balloons in from every angle I could reach. Since access to the stairs was shut off I had to climb over the wall in the above picture and walk out on our rafters in order to push the highest balloons away from the doorway. After about ten more minutes of struggling I had managed to further trap myself and Anna inside. Another ten minutes later I finally hauled the bunch free of the doorway and into the living room.

eagerly awaiting Anna’s awakening in the morning.

Follow Up: Anna awoke this morning, a bit confused but mostly delighted about her surprise.

Follow Up 2: While deflating the balloons I counted approximately 475.



  1. Hilarious! Bet you’ll both have squeaky voices soon!

  2. Now that’s a real job perk! Priceless!!

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