Posted by: Jack | February 17, 2007

iPod Battery Lifespan

When people start bashing Apple’s iTunes software I am more than ready to jump on board and offer up my own complaints. But when it comes to the hardware of an iPod I really have no basis for expressing anything other than complete satisfaction. I got my 3rd generation iPod for free nearly three years ago when the site was launched. If you’ve never heard of this site or sales technique, don’t get excited because the odds of getting an actually-free iPod through it today are almost zero.

I’m sure many of you recall the big “scandal” regarding the iPod’s battery lifespan. Many customers were extremely upset when their batteries started quitting on them and they found out that they couldn’t easily pop in a new one. It then became more widely known that such batteries have a lifespan between 1.5 and 2.5 years, more often near the low end of that range. Apple started informing users of techniques to help prolong lifespan such as draining the battery fully on a fairly regular basis prior to recharging.

So why do I bring this up? Well, like I said, I have had my iPod for nearly three years and despite knowing what I can do to prolong the battery’s lifespan, I have never made an effort to do so. I have probably only discharged the battery fully two or three times ever. I’m certain I use my iPod more than most owners and even more certain that I beat on mine far more than almost all owners. I have taken a number of falls while unicycling where I land on concrete, with my iPod being sandwiched directly between the ground and my hip bone (it does not make for a good cushion).  But despite any and all abuse, it continues to work like new and each charge of the battery seems to last as long as ever.

So if your iPod crapped out on you years ago, maybe you just didn’t appreciate it enough.

iTunes is still terrible.



  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Boy, Jack, I think you’re quickly going to hear a contrary opinion from someone “relatively” close to you.

    Jeff? Any thoughts?

  2. Hey jeff. Nice grab on that free ipod! how come you can’t get free ones anymore. My ipod battery crapped out so ipodjuice helped out. Got me a monster battery that blows away the one that came inside my player. should check them out when you need to boost your play time.

  3. The ipod battery can begin exhibiting less charge after approximately 16 months. Although this battery life can be extended through proper maintenance and usage, they will all eventually need replaced. Luckily, there are many great options available via the internet.

  4. Going on 5+ years and still not even a hint of decreased battery life.

    Hey ‘ipod parts’…what is this “the internet”?

  5. wankers!!!!!!

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