Posted by: Jack | February 18, 2007

Belated Valentine’s Day

Due to Anna’s unexpected trip back to Wisconsin we had to delay our Valentine’s Day celebrations. This morning after breakfast Anna went to get my gift and came back only to hand me my GPS receiver. A bit confused but receiving no further instructions I turned it on and began looking for hints. When checking recently added waypoints I found one labeled “Valentine” which I certainly hadn’t created. So still having no idea what this was all about but having an extremely precise idea of where it was going, we climbed in the car and started heading for this waypoint. At this point I was already pretty happy with the thoughtfulness of this gift and really would have been satisfied to eventually seek out a greeting card or something of similar significance.

As Anna was driving and I was navigating, we eventually reached a point where there were no roads which could get us closer to the identified location so we pulled over and continued on foot. The sun was bright, the air was warm and we were walking through a gorgeous wetland. We came across a very mysterious pile of hundreds of animal leg and hip bones which appeared to be many years old but thats a whole other story in itself. Drawing nearer to the small flag on my GPS’s display, I continually zoomed in and made minor corrections in our heading. We reached a clearing — specifically chosen by Anna to ensure a strong signal — and I began walking in circles as I continually passed over the waypoint without finding anything. At first I assumed that the GPS’s margin of error was at fault and began to widen my search perimeter but just then my foot kicked against something below the thick brush. I dug out a quadruple-wrapped package and tore into it to reveal a wonderfully personal and romantic gift.

Seeing as how she knows that even Valentine’s Day calls for a little adventure, I am further reassured that Anna is the girl for me.


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