Posted by: Jack | February 18, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

By late morning today, the sky was bright and clear and the temperature was nearing 60 degrees. This made for a very pleasant bike ride. I’ve started myself on a somewhat-intensive exercise regimen which includes a ~40 minute bike ride on a loop that starts and ends with some extremely steep uphills. I’ve been riding this loop daily despite less than optimum weather but am hoping to be in much better shape this time next month when I will be on my way to Moab for this year’s MoabMUniFest.

Whereas I normally try to sprint the entire loop, I did take pause today to snap a picture of the capitol building from up on Tumwater Hill.

This is my first photo which is being hosted by Google using their Picasa Web Albums and immediately I am not content with the services provided. They give specific instructions on how to include a thumbnail in a blog but that apparently doesn’t work with WordPress. What you see above is the same thumbnail image but embedded just as any other image would be and then manually set to link to my web album. So it looks like I may be sticking with Flickr and considering an upgrade to a premium account. I’m really surprised with Google’s decisions regarding Picasa. I would say the most fundamental feature of a good image hosting site is the ability to easily access the url of the image file itself and then also have the freedom to use it as an image anywhere one chooses to do so. Forcing users to view the image through Picasa’s web albums is just annoying.


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