Posted by: Jack | February 19, 2007

The God Who Wasn’t There

Having received a free copy of the DVD of this movie, Anna and I watched it today. Despite having already seen it once before I was equally interested throughout the film and was glad to have someone to discuss with as well.

The movie is a short (about an hour long) documentary confronting the unlikelihood of Jesus’s existence and furthermore discrediting any reason for maintaining faith in the Bible’s infallibility as a historical document. Everything is presented in a very simple manner. There is an obvious bias present but at the same time, thorough and logical reasoning is implicitly not subject to bias so it would prove very difficult to contest any derived conclusions.

The entire movie has been uploaded to Google Video  or if anyone would like to borrow the DVD which includes a couple hours of bonus features such as the full length interviews from which much of the movie was derived, I would be happy to pass it along.

I give it a 9 out of 10 mostly for the fearless presentation of highly controversial, yet critical subject matter. It also receives much credit for provoking intelligent thought and debate; something any good documentary should do.

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