Posted by: Jack | February 24, 2007

Another Computer Scare

I came home from work tonight to find my computer not up and running. Although a rare occurrence, I assumed it had just been a power failure. Upon pressing the power button to turn it back on, I was startled by the awful noise of a high-speed fan rubbing against something. I opened the case to discover this odd sight:

In case you aren’t sure what you are looking at, click on the image to enlarge it. The thing in the middle that is hanging at an angle which does not match the rest of the components is my cpu heatsink/cooling fan. At this point it was obvious that this was the cause of both the terrible rubbing sound and the power down. Thankfully I had retained my motherboard’s setting to shut down the system prior to overheating, thus saving my processor.

How this happened still remains a mystery. A small piece of the mounting bracket which held the heatsink on had cracked off but it seems strange that such a failure would occur while no one was anywhere near the computer. Now I just hope that the company which made this motherboard sells replacement brackets. At the moment the heatsink is literally balancing in position. I’m considering turning my computer on its side until a real fix can be applied.


  1. […] eBay I was able to find a cpu heatsink retaining bracket that was not an exact match to my original broken bracket but will serve as a fine […]

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