Posted by: Jack | February 27, 2007

Hey Mobile Phone Producers

Not everyone wants/needs a feature packed phone. I use my mobile phone as a clock, alarm clock and a phone. When buying a phone I tried my hardest to find one without a built in camera because ya know what, I have a nice digital camera which takes nice pictures. My phone and pretty much all other camera phones take terrible pictures and if you want to actually access a picture taken with a phone, you have to pay for it. I also tried to find a phone with at least a couple normal ringtones; ya know the ones that sound like a phone ringing. I’m not looking to host a small dance party every time I receive a call. That too is nearly impossible to come by. Instead I’m stuck using the least obnoxious jingle.

Instead of including all this excess hardware/software/content, maybe a phone company should make a small, cheap and basic phone and actually put some time and effort into the software. For example, when I put my phone on “Silence All” which is a setting which I manually defined as using the vibration feature in place of all tones, I would appreciate it if the alarm clock would actually use the vibration feature. Instead it rings loud and clear. Also regarding the alarm clock: After the alarm sounds and I push the indicated button to shut it off, it would be nice if this button did not act as a snooze button, causing the alarm to go off again five minutes later. And most annoyingly, I am unable to disable the button on the outside of the phone which activates the camera. The slightest bump in my pocket and I here a simulated shutter sound (again this occurs even if the phone is silenced). And of course my phone lacks a “delete all photos” feature so my memory card keeps filling up with hundreds of pictures of the inside of my pocket.

Honestly, there is some reasonably complex software in mobile phones. But the things that are wrong with my phone could be fixed by changing a few lines of very simple code.


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