Posted by: Jack | February 28, 2007

The Infallible Bible: A Fallacy Awaiting Exposure

Five easy steps to present a rational argument about the Bible to a Christian moderate:

Step 1: Find a Christian moderate.

Step 2: Ask them if they feel that certain portions of the Bible are inapplicable today and therefore can be ignored. If they hesitate, quote Deuteronomy 21: 18-21, Exodus 21: 15 or Exodus 21:17. All of these command that disobedient children must be put to death. Or if that isn’t enough, try Psalm 137: 9 which claims that we can find happiness in murdering young children by throwing them against stone.

Step 3: Explain that in all fairness, if one person gets to discard a portion of the Bible, then other people should also have such a privilege. In an argument which hopes to be based purely upon reason, the opinions of one cannot be considered more or less valid than another’s. In other words, any Bible verse chosen to be discarded is as good as the next.

Step 4: Choose Proverbs 30: 5 as your Bible verse to discard. This is one of the many verses which claim God’s word to be inerrant. Your counterpart should be fine with this since by dismissing one of the above verses they have already implicitly denied the infallibility of God. If they reject your privilege, ask them if any of their clothing is made up of a mixed fabric. Wearing such items is specifically forbidden (Deuteronomy 22:11) and would therefore be another example of their relaxed attitude towards their divine instructions.

Step 5: Having made your obvious point, explain plainly how the Bible, and therefore Christianity, does not make allowance for a pick-and-choose approach to God’s word. (Jeremiah 48: 10)

The Bible was designed much like a tripod, and with good reason. While a tripod resists gravity, the Bible resists doubt. Verse after verse teaches readers to never question its contents. By this means, the validity of each verse is based upon that of the rest. But this self-securing mechanism also provides exposure to attack. The instant a single verse is doubted, the entire Bible immediately comes crashing down.



  1. watch yourself. you’re flirting with some pretty serious issues here, and have the potential of offending a lot of people, especially some that are close to you.

  2. You seem to fail to understand the Bible. The reason Jewish Law is no longer practiced by Christians is because of Christ Himself. You see, before Christ, Jews had to follow the Law to atone for their sin (for some exceptionally bad sin, such as being disobedient a child) required death to atone.

    However, once Christ came and died on the Cross, He became the ultimate, final atonement for sin. Because of this, Christians no longer need to follow the Law because Christ has fulfilled it.

  3. I get it. Being a christian means using a crucification as the answer and justification to every contradiction.

    Hypocrites: n. synonym for christian.

  4. made me laugh. and cry. and spill my beer. then i had to clean that up and i was all upset. i tipped over my upside down ‘m’. (some call it a ‘w’) as i am afraid of lower case t’s and i felt i should worship some kind of lower case letter, cause that’s what the cool kids are doing. ‘w’ seemed freeakin perfect for a guy like me. i just moved to north carolina — maybe i just need to rethink my doubts, i am such a bad person, …evil and dirty. and i worship a ‘w’ — i need to be saved.

    i like what you’re trying to do. fighting the silly fight, er, i mean good fight, yeah that’s it good fight! people are dumb. here, they are dumber.
    it is so, so, so, so very sad. do you think if the big guy is actual-l-y, er, watching, that he is grinning with pride, or is he talking with the other fellas at the card table saying, “dudes, i banged this earth chick this one time, and like, she was all schizophrenic and her kid was all preachy and delusional and shit. i hate going there now. wack jobs! sometimes i gotta stop there and see where my money is going y’know, but i don’t stay. it’s all crazy people down there…i built them a wicked cool house and they don’t even take care of it, like spoiled shits, a freaking mess–really unbelievable. so i spend most my time in virgo… banging that harvester chick… girl works in a field all day and has a smokin aerobics kind of body. whew! –fold. i gotta go…”

  5. Boy, I wish I’d have a chance to debate those hard-core bible worshipping christians. It would be fun making them sweat for answers to many contradictions in their own book. I never realized that there are so many slips in the book which I used to believe in as a former christian. The fallacies are simply too staggering. Great to know that there are still intelligent and enlightened people in this world who have found the light of reason and science. Away with god,jesus,satan,and the bible! These are nothing but human inventions to satisfy the unlearned minds of the ancient superstitious fools.

  6. Christ came so that you will no longer need a book to learn about God. You learn about God from God yet no one goes to God to learn about him. They in turn have made the book their God and cut off others from knowing God by claiming a doctrine of confusion (the bible) is perfect and that it is God’s word.

    History shows us that the bible leads only to confusion and differing testimonies for the same event. Man tried to record the God breathed testimony of men filled with the spirit but uninspired men in history gave you what you have in the bible today. This is why the Christian world is shrouded in dark history along with denominational division.

    The Christian does not learn from the lession of the tower of Babel. God sowed Good seed in the field and the field is the world. The words of God were the seeds… Satan (God’s enemy sowed bad seed in the night in the same field. Your bible is essentialy the babylon God’s children must come out of.

    God’s children will hear his voice. Not read it. Because the bible contains bad seed sown in the night.. it leads to the same confusion in the christian world as it did for the men who tried to build a tower but became confused and could not complete their mission. This is the christian world today. They are confused.. looking like liars and making God look like a liar (one who looses credibility).

    Here is a simple study on bible gospel errancy when compared to bible prophecy. You will find That God’s word (prophecy) is perfect. However you will find that the bibleis much less than perfect.

    God Bless.

  7. Your whole argument about how to “stump a christian” is circular, and therefore invalid. If you read a little bit in the New Testament, Christians believed that Christ “abolished the law”, hence the old testament. Yes, the old testament is in the bible. Its the history of Gods people. Your arguments really make no sense at all.

  8. I must say your way of questioning a christian is logical. It is really difficult to overlook the various contradictions throughout the bible eg divorce is discussed many times and there are such contradictions. You can’t deny though the miracles performed by Jesus were well documented and this makes me think there is a basis to believe there is a God. Then again it makes no logical sense why a God who loves us would flood the whole place and kill everything except Noah and that on his ark.

    • Hi Darren, thanks for your comment.

      I’d be interested in hearing your basis for this statement: “You can’t deny though the miracles performed by Jesus were well documented…”



  9. if the Christian world does not figure out why these prophecies apply to them. They will never receive the Gospel.

    Jeremiah 16: 19-20
    19 O LORD, my strength and my fortress, My refuge in the day of affliction, The Gentiles shall come to You From the ends of the earth and say, “Surely our fathers have inherited lies, Worthlessness and unprofitable things.” 20 Will a man make gods for himself, Which are not gods?

    All truth is in God, and I bear witness unto the truth. I am the true Rock, and on this Rock do I build my Church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it, and out of this Rock shall flow rivers of living water to give life to the peoples of the earth. 5. Ye are my chosen twelve. In me, the Head and Corner stone, are the twelve foundations of my house builded on the rock, and on you in me shall my Church be built, and in truth and righteousness shall my Church be established. 6. And ye shall sit on twelve thrones and send forth light and truth to all the twelve tribes of Israel after the Spirit, and I will be with you, even unto the end of the world. 7. But there shall arise after you, men of perverse minds who shall through ignorance or through craft, suppress many things which I have spoken unto you, and lay to me things which I never taught, sowing tares among the good wheat which I have given you to sow in the world. 8. Then shall the truth of God endure the contradiction of sinners, for thus it hath been, and thus it will be. But the time cometh when the things which they have hidden shall be revealed and made known, and the truth shall make free those which were bound. 9. One is your Master, all ye are brethren, and one is not greater than another in the place which I have given unto you, for ye have one Master, even Christ, who is over you and with you and in you, and there is no inequality among my twelve, or their fellows. 10. All are equally near unto me. Strive ye not therefore for the first place, for ye are all first, because ye are the foundation stones and pillars of the Church, built on the truth which is in me and in you, and the truth and the law shall ye establish for all, as shall be given unto you. 11. Verily when ye and your fellows agree together touching anything in my Name, I am in the midst of you and with you. 12. Woe is the time when the spirit of the world entereth into the Church, and my doctrines and precepts are made void through the corruption of men and of women. Woe is the world when the Light is hidden. Woe is the world when these things shall be.

    And he said unto us: There shall come forth another doctrine, and a confusion, and because they shall strive after their own advancement, they shall bring forth an unprofitable doctrine. And therein shall be a deadly corruption (of uncleanness), and they shall teach it, and shall turn away them that believe on me from my commandments and cut them off from eternal life. But woe unto them that falsify this my word and commandment, and draw away them that hearken to them from the life of the doctrine and separate themselves from the commandment of life: for together with them they shall come into everlasting judgment.

  10. Questions to ask a christian:

    1. Do you believe the scripture’s tale of noah’s ark to be possible?

    2. Is the trinity the only occasion in which you believe in ghosts?

    3. Do you think jesus was on a suicide mission?

    4. If you were selling a quality product, would you need to have eternal suffering as a selling point?

    5. How long do you believe the earth has been here?

    6. When you decided to accept jesus, did you have any knowledge of other religions?

    7. If you accepted the first religion you encountered, would it be possible for those in other countries to do the same under another religion?

    8. Do you believe in speaking in tongues?

    9. Do you believe in prophecy?

    10. What happens to people who never encounter the holy bible or evangelists?

    11. How many of your friends will go to hell?

    12. Why does god allow suffering?

    13. How much do you really know about the studies of Charles Darwin?

    14. What do you think about the dinosaurs? Do you believe in continental drift? Could this have an effect on your religious beliefs?

    15. Prior to the bible, were there any other religions?

    16. Are you afraid to doubt the existence of God? Why?

    17. Could the bible be much shorter and still accomplish the same goal?

    18. What if a new book of the bible were written?

    19. If god has a plan for everyone, what is the purpose of prayer?

    Let’s fill the world with intelligent, hard-working, peaceful people.

    “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet”~Napoleon Bonaparte

  11. Doesn’t the Bible say God is unchanging? Why then would he change his mind so much?

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