Posted by: Jack | March 1, 2007

Follow Up: Logitech mm50 Speaker

I awoke this morning to the wonderful sound of a delivery truck backing up right outside my window. I leapt out of bed and ran down to the door to receive my surprisingly large but reassuringly light package. Inside was my new Logitech mm50 Portable Speaker:

Obviously I had seen pictures online but none really captured how small this speaker is. As this was a fairly impulsive purchase I wasn’t even aware that it came with the very convenient remote shown in the above picture and the exceptionally handy carrying case shown below.

I impatiently waited the 4 hours for the battery to charge fully before trying out the speaker. This at least motivated me to get out and do my daily bike loop despite below freezing temperatures and snow. When I finally got to give the speaker a test run I was super impressed. I can’t believe this thing can put out such good sound for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Now I can have music wherever I want to juggle. And when in its case the speaker is smaller, and not much heavier, than a juggling club which makes it simple to pack in my juggling bag.

To commemorate the occasion I had to film a bit of juggling. The sound you hear is provided by the new speaker. I’ve been working on a few more 4 club patterns and transitioning between them:



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