Posted by: Jack | March 2, 2007

24: The Movie

Just yesterday I found out that a movie is scheduled to be released in 2008 based on the TV series 24.

Reasons I feel this movie should not be made:

  • An approximately 2 hour movie could never contain a plot which would even slightly compare to that of any one of the TV series’ seasons. The show has about 18 hours to establish (and later kill off) new characters, introduce one twist after another, elaborate on numerous parallel stories, etc.
  • As any movie adaptation of a TV show should, the film will have to be presented such that people who have never seen the show will not be lost. This means a lot of time will have to be dedicated to development of the main character, Jack Bauer. This will likely bore those who have seen the show from the start.
  • The TV show has been diminishing in quality/creativity since season 3 (currently in season 6).
  • Season 6 is pretty much terrible so far. Bauer first appears in hopeless shape after two years of torture and imprisonment. Ten minutes and a haircut later he is right back to his old self. Of course we’ll never forget how awful China was for him as we are constantly reminded by the scar on his hand. If you’re watching this season you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  • Technically the movie should be entitled “2” or something of the sort. The premise of 24 is that the story takes place over a period of 24 hours and is divided among 24 episodes.

Reasons I feel this movie should be made:

  • Despite season 6 being so awful, I am still watching it because it’s another chapter of the saga in which I’ve already invested so much time.
  • Despite season 6 being so awful, most 24 fans are still watching it.
  • Despite all the reasons given above, I will still see the movie just because it will be out there for me to see.
  • No one can blame the film makers for wanting to make money off of a well established series.
  • The movie will likely make or break the TV series. Either outcome will be beneficial to the TV audience. If the movie succeeds, they should have more funding and will hopefully put more effort into future seasons. If it fails, the show will likely be canceled.

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