Posted by: Jack | March 6, 2007

My Big Screen Debut – March 24th

After enjoying yesterday’s spring weather with a rigorous bike ride I decided to get in some quality slacklining/juggling/unicycling time as well. Despite the relative ease and my rustiness, my slacklining still gets more applause and cheers than juggling ever has. As I was winding down with some casual unicycling, I rode over to the big fountain downtown. The fountain runs through a wide variety of patterns which does not repeat for at least fifteen minutes so basically there is no memorizing the loop. But this makes for a fun game of don’t-get-wet on the unicycle. As soon as I began riding however, I was confronted by one of the larger groups of fountain-watchers and asked if I would like to be in the film they were currently shooting. I happily accepted the offer and was promptly given a mask and had my mustache darkened with mascara–apparently all the actors needed to look overly masculine. I was told to just continue playing around in the fountain which would serve as the backdrop for the shot. Eventually I got a little carried away and ended up getting soaked numerous times, much to the delight of the young children who were ecstatic just to see me riding in the fountain.

After the shot was filmed I talked to the director a bit and she told me that this film was for the upcoming youth benefit festival taking place at the Capitol Theater where Anna and I volunteer on occasion. Unfortunately I will be out of town for my own premiere but if anyone out there happens to be around Olympia that weekend, I strongly recommend catching the show.

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