Posted by: Jack | March 10, 2007

Follow Up: Epic Journey of March 2007

I’ve just about finished my planning for this trip and I have to say, now that all of that thinking-ahead stuff is out of the way, I’m very eager to hit the road and live entirely in-the-moment for two weeks.

This trip is running around $225 right now which is pretty good considering it includes 15 nights of camping, an annual pass good at any national park, 2 weeks of eating and fees for the MoabMUnifest. However, I have not yet tacked on the cost of gas which will probably rise to ~70% of the trip cost. Thats unfortunate.

During my planning for this trip and past trips I have learned one very crucial thing about visiting national and state parks. Never waste your time finding information online. The one exception of course is that you must go online to find the phone number for the visitor center or ranger station–and you could not believe how hard they make this to do for most of the parks.

The entire national parks system has now put all of their campground reservations into a single system which I attempted to use. This system almost made me think my trip would be impossible because every campground I looked at was listed as full for the dates I wanted. When I eventually contacted a park ranger for my first destination, he informed me that the campgrounds hadn’t been full once since last August and would not be full again until June. I continued calling other parks’ rangers and found all of them saying there was absolutely no need for reservations and that I would have my pick of sites.

So I guess the one other crucial thing I’ve learned about national parks is that if you’re going to visit one, just go and make the visitor center your first stop. Unless of course you are arriving in the middle of the night as I will be doing at nearly every park. Then you at least want to know where you’re going to camp.

This will likely be my last post before leaving so don’t expect to see anything new here prior to March 27th. However, do feel free to visit often and peruse past entries, images and videos.



  1. Safe travels, Jack! Enjoy!

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