Posted by: Jack | March 27, 2007

Epic Journey: Day 0 – Olympia, Oregon

In attempting to fathom how I might summarize a 15 day trip with many destinations into something I can share on this blog, I decided that it would be best to make a separate entry for each day of the trip. By this means I can also more easily justify including the large number of photos that I intend to share. Technically the trip spanned 16 days but since my departure did not occur until 9:30 pm on March 11th, I’m going to refer to that day–as any computer scientist would–as Day 0. Due to the fact that I did nothing more than drive part way through Oregon in the 2.5 hours following that departure, I will instead use the Day 0 post to describe how the remainder of the trip will be documented. Having already done that, this post could be considered complete. However, being the data-junkie that I am, I will provide one possibly interesting collection of facts about the trip. During the 348 hours which encompassed this journey, I traveled approximately 3500 miles by car, 53 miles on foot and 50 miles by unicycle thereby averaging out to a pace of 10 miles/hour for the duration of the trip. Although clearly an unimpressive use of stats, they are nonetheless true and therefore possess some intrinsic value.

Note: Do not misconstrue the concept of one blog-entry per trip-day to imply that there will be one blog-entry per day for the following 15 days. I do not currently possess the restraint or the busy schedule which would prevent me from posting more rapidly than that.

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