Posted by: Jack | March 31, 2007

Evolution Debunked

Well, I never thought I would see the day but I have come across a conclusive, undeniable proof that evolution cannot be a valid explanation for the current forms of life on this planet. This short video clip explains it all perfectly:

The Athiest’s Nightmare: Peanut Butter

Try as you might–and believe me I did–you will not find a single logical flaw in this proof. Almost more astounding than this concept is the fact that such a powerful argument is more widely known and accepted. So many millions of dollars are being wasted every year on research in scientific areas which use the assumptions of evolution as their bases.

It is good to know that there are truly intelligent people out there who will continue to question all modern theories regardless of how much evidence the scientific community can produce. If we simply accepted the conclusions derived every time a mountain of evidence was discovered and thorough experiments panned out accordingly, what kind of world would we live in?

I can only hope, in light of this new proof, that no further generations will be subjected to the obvious fallacy of evolution.

Edit: I just came across another similar proof just in case anyone is still “on the fence”:

The Athiest’s Nightmare: Bananas



  1. Hell, I’m convinced. And now, I’m hungry.

    Evolution is just a “theory”. Why follow theories when you’ve got facts from a book thousands of years old. Plus these ancients text tell ya straight-up that they are True(tm). That’s good enough for me!


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