Posted by: Jack | April 2, 2007

Epic Journey: Day 8 – Bryce Canyon

It was another cold morning when I geared up and prepared to set out on the 8 mile Fairyland Loop trail in the northern part of Bryce Canyon National Park. With the sun still fairly low on the horizon, there was an amazing glow off the orange and pink rock formations.

This trail quickly descended in the canyon where I truly found myself among the towering Hoodoos.

Again I was glad to have set out early as I didn’t see another hiker for the first couple hours of my exploration. About half way along the trail it began to rise and fall along the canyon walls and every scene encompassed more of the surroundings than the last. There certainly is no photo that could do justice to this area but a panoramic assembly of 8 photos is a start.

There are a number of formations along this trail that are unique enough to have obtained names but after the past week of travels through mountains, canyons and deserts, smaller formations can kind of lose their shock value. The picture below is of Tower Bridge and looking at it now I actually find it more interesting than when I was standing below it. I guess I had forgotten how unlikely it is for the rock to form in this manner.

The loop came to a close as I returned to Fairyland Point and once again got an overall view of the area I had just explored. In the upper-right corner here you can clearly see the formation rightly named Sinking Ship.

Feeling that I had thoroughly visited Bryce Canyon National Park, I again hit the road heading northeast. I soon came to the town of Escalante where I had only been once before, almost exactly 4 years earlier on a spring break trip to Glen Canyon National Park. I stopped at a very new and modern Grand Staircase Visitor Center in town to check the status of the less developed roads I intended to travel later that day and check out a few of their more interesting exhibits.

My destination this night was supposed to be the Stanton Creek Campground located on Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Park but while driving along I saw a sign for the Calf Creek Campground and realized this was the place at which my group had spent a night 4 years ago. The campground features a trail following a narrow canyon up to the Calf Creek Falls. When I last visited, we arrived at this campground late in the day and did hike to the falls but it was very dark by the time we got there. So I decided this would be a great place to camp and in the morning would make the trek to the falls.

After dinner I made my first campfire of the trip and sat around reading my book and enjoying the comfortable weather and colorful sunset. All in all it was a wonderful evening.

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  1. Looks amazing. I’m looking forward to doing this trail very soon.

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