Posted by: Jack | April 19, 2007

Product Reviews: Logitech Curve Headphones & REI Half Dome 2HC Tent

Logitech Curve Headphones

I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed for the site and get 10-20 articles each day with deals on miscellaneous items. This site doesn’t actually sell anything itself but rather consolidates deals from other sites into a nice list. One of the sites featured once each day is If you haven’t heard of Woot, take the time to check it out.

Last week I took advantage of Woot’s Two-For-Tuesday deal and purchased a pair of Logitech Curve Headphones for $5. Normally retailing at around $25 each, I figured I could take a chance on these. My last set of headphones was the kind which clipped on to the ear and had no solid connecting structure between each speaker. Instead there was a thin wire which dangled on the back of one’s neck. Unfortunately, the rubber coating of this wire seems to dissolve when it comes in to contact with sweat. After just a few unicycle rides, the entire wire had to be wrapped in tape.

Yesterday I gave the new headphones a first run while enjoying a long unicycle ride. The sound is as good as any headphones I’ve ever had but nothing to get excited about. The wire is thin (that’s a good thing) and feels durable. The ear clips and wrap-around frame are not so great. After about a half hour, my ears were aching and the frame is so large that it sticks out at least an inch behind my head. I really don’t see the purpose of it at all. This is the third set of headphones in which I’ve found great disappointment. I may have to go back to my original iPod earbuds just for the sake of comfort. I do have my share of complaints about those as well though. Top of this list is the coating of the wires which becomes rigid as a rock in cool/cold weather causing the earbuds to pop out with the slightest movement.

Summarized review: Do not buy, but if you want my extra set I’d probably be willing to send it to you free + shipping.

REI Half Dome 2HC Tent

Despite my affinity for camping, I have never owned a tent. In college I had free use of the Trekker Outdoor’s Club gear and ever since I’ve been on trips with others who supplied the tent(s). On a number of trips in the last year, Anna and I used her 4-person tent and it mostly served its purpose despite the excessive size/weight and a frustrating broken door-zipper. On my recent Epic Journey, I brought her tent along even though I rarely had need of shelter. After one particularly aggrivating night, I decided that we were in need of a modern replacement.

Late last week I received an email from REI informing me of their current big sale–each email from them makes a big deal out of the next sale as if they aren’t always having a sale–and looked into finding a deal on a quality tent. I soon came across the REI Half Dome 2HC which was last year’s best seller of all REI tents. It was on sale for just over $100 (still is through tomorrow if you’re interested) and the footprint was significantly discounted as well. With little hesitation we made the order.

The package came yesterday and we assembled the tent–very quick and easy–in our living room and slept there for the night. Despite the compact and lightweight bundle it stores as, the tent was very spacious and features two large vestibules with wide, single-zippered doors on both sides for easy access. We’re both very excited to get some real use out of it.

Summarized review: Great buy, especially if you take advantage of one of REI’s many sales.



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