Posted by: Jack | April 22, 2007

I Fought the Gnat and the Gnat Won

I was biking home this morning and rode through a small cloud of gnats. Much to my dismay, one of these gnats found its way directly into my eye and managed to get under my eyelid. I willed myself to not rub at it while riding the rest of the way home. I assumed the various natural defenses built into the eye and eye socket would do their job and take care of the problem. Upon arriving home I utilized the bathroom mirror to seek-out and remove the pest but it was nowhere to be found. It seemed the situation had resolved itself.

About ten minutes later it became clear that things were not improving. My eye grew increasingly irritated and felt as if it were swollen. I intended to take a nap prior to work and went ahead with this plan, once again hoping that my body would recover naturally.

Waking up a while later, my eye no longer itched but upon first glance in the mirror I found that this minuscule insect had somehow given me a swollen black-eye. With further inspection I decided that it must have gotten a bite directly on my eyeball. This was apparent by the dime-sized puffy protrusion on the side of my eyeball.

I suppose the title of this post is slightly erroneous considering that while the gnat did leave me with an embarrassing black-eye, it likely paid for this attack with its own life.


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