Posted by: Jack | April 30, 2007

I Do Enjoy Ultimate Frisbee

Last night I got a call from my co-worker Tony inviting me to a pick-up game of Ultimate taking place this afternoon. Normally the guys at work get together for basketball or football, neither of which really interests me, so I was excited to get out and show my skills. It had been a couple years since I last played outdoors and I figured I wouldn’t be quite on top of my game but nonetheless, my experience would surely show.

For reasons unknown to me the game was to take place beyond the far side of Olympia at a park in Lacey. As this morning progressed, the day was looking more and more pleasant and I decided that I couldn’t justify driving and paying for gas when I could enjoy a bike ride across town. Given the lengthy ride and the need to impress the co-workers, I decided to postpone this morning’s scheduled 4.8 mile run. My calves were already feeling like bricks (achy bricks, not muscular bricks) from the past three runs so I figured I shouldn’t push it.

Wanting to get outside, Anna decided to accompany me to the park a couple of hours before the game and once there we relaxed with some slacklining and juggling.

When the other players arrived Anna headed home not wanting to interfere with the “boys game” which she wasn’t actually invited to anyway.

Back in my days of competitive Ultimate, everyone wore cleats for games and tournaments but it never occurred to me that anyone would take this pick-up that seriously. On top of that, I haven’t worn my cleats in years and I’m certain my feet would be protesting right now if I had worn them today. So my ensemble for the game consisted of my bike shorts…and thats it. This is why I grew a bit nervous when everyone else set their bags down and pulled out their cleats. It dawned on me that these guys may have a significant athletic quality carried over from their other sports. With only six players at the start, we arbitrarily picked teams and began our first game.

It turns out that my confidence was not misplaced. I can say with modesty–as well as great satisfaction–that I was easily the best disc handler and fastest runner…despite being barefoot. The first game was over in a few minutes with a score of 5-0. Mixing up teams and adding a couple players here and there, I came out as the only individual to not lose a single game all afternoon. Next time I’m going to insist that Anna stick around as she could definitely hold her own.

After we had all run ourselves into the ground, I hopped back on my bike–my co-workers can’t believe we biked all the way across town but honestly it’s only 10 miles–and made the journey home. By the time I reached the steep hill immediately preceding our apartment, my legs were beat. I got in low gear and persevered but decided I wouldn’t be biking to the movie we were going to see tonight.

Anna now has a weekly volunteer time-slot at the Capitol Theater each Sunday evening which earns admission to the current movie, an additional movie pass, popcorn, soda and time with some other fun volunteers whom I met tonight. The movie we saw was The Italian which despite its name, takes place in Russia and is about a Russian boy who does not go to Italy. The film was in Russian with subtitles and was a bit slow but still told a good story. It’s no must-see but if you cross paths with the movie, consider taking the time.

Now I’m very ready to call it a night and hopefully I’ll be able to continue with my running regimen in the morning.



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