Posted by: Jack | May 3, 2007

Running Progress

Well it seems that getting into this running thing is requiring more than perseverance and a strong will. When running my muscles and lungs do just fine but afterwards my calves take forever to recover. Each morning I wake up wanting to do my next run but hardly able to walk downstairs. So I’ve progressed more slowly than originally planned but my hope is that once my muscles adapt a bit I’ll be able to pick up the pace (frequency of runs, not speed of running).

I’ve also decided that I’m only going to increase the distance after every third run and once I get into the higher distances I may do one long run as planned followed by two shorter runs to help my muscles recover.

Aside from physical limitations, I’ve come across two difficulties in this process. The first is the clouds of gnats that swarm on one side of the lake. They are especially thick before the sun is high enough to warm the air a bit and I find that I have to squint my eyes and look almost straight down to keep from inhaling the pests or getting them stuck under my eyelids. When I get home I head for the shower and look in the mirror to see that my body has become a graveyard for dozens of gnats. It’s not exactly pleasant but I don’t know what I can do about it.

The other problem involves my iPod. It is just too heavy to clip onto the waistline of my shorts. The initial downhill causes it to bounce all over the place and it’s beginning to rub at my hip. I’m thinking that pretty soon I’ll be upgrading to a Nano but having paid $0 for the one I have now, it’s difficult to shell out $200+ for essentially the same product but with less storage capacity.

All things considered, I’m enjoying this endeavor and am looking forward to a higher endurance level. My pace has averaged out to just under 7.5 minute miles but thats including the steep hills. I’m still pretty certain that a sustained pace of 7.25 minutes/mile is obtainable.


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