Posted by: Jack | May 9, 2007

Running Shorts – What’s the Deal?

My running is coming along nicely now. From the time of my first run until about three days ago, my calves remained in an involuntary semi-flexed state all day, every day. But now it would seem that my muscles have become accustomed to the strain and are feeling just fine. The clouds of gnats are growing larger and thicker and they are probably my biggest frustration right now. But I really don’t know what I could do about them so I’m just going to continue inhaling as many as I can in hopes of slowing their reproduction rates.

This morning I ran what I’m pretty sure is the longest run of my life at 7.82 miles (4 laps around capitol lake) completed in a bit under 57 minutes. After my first couple runs I had hoped that my sustained pace could be 7:15/mile and thats exactly what I managed today so things are looking good.

I’ve grown jealous of some of the other runners I see who are out there wearing skimpy, light running shorts while mine dangle to my knees and continually soak up sweat. I’ve also noticed that I’m getting a lot of evenly-distributed sun with all this time spent running in circles so I thought if I got myself some little shorts I could accomplish another lifetime-first by getting a tan on my thighs.

When I began to look online I was thinking that I would likely be spending between $10 and $15 and still feel kind of ripped off since I’m looking for a quantity of fabric equivalent to some small boxers. However, after some thorough searching I found that the smaller they get, the higher the price climbs. The problem seems to be that everything is extremely “technical”. Whatever happened to the pocket-less, liner-less, all-nylon shorts? Why do I need hyper-moisture-wicking technology on a piece of clothing so small that it hardly touches/covers any of my body?

The best prices I’ve found are $25 at outlet stores and this might be acceptable except that they only have them in XL and XXL. Honestly, how many XXL guys do you see out there running? And of those few, how many are looking to wear such revealing shorts?

Does anyone know of a good resource that might help me out?



  1. Wearing overly long baggy shorts often have the most adverse affecton your running, both from a health and speed aspect. As you get fitter from running you begin to notice the longer, baggy cotton shorts just arn’t cutting it. They hold sweat, cause chaffing and look bad. A coach of mine said that if you can feel your running shorts while you run they are probably to long and not the right style. He suggested split or v-notch running shorts with an inseam no longer than 2 inches to limit chaffing and hi tech fabrics not to hold misture. Currently, I can’t find any decent running shorts at sports stores and end up ordering them from either or Additionally, If you run in hot weather 80+, you’ll find the shorther the better.

    Good Luck…Lead, Follow,or Get Out of the Way

  2. Try

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