Posted by: Jack | May 9, 2007

UltraMarathon Man

If time is in fact money then this book is easily going to offer the most bang for your buck. Taking a mere 3-4 hours to read, this book is exciting, astounding and highly motivational.

Author Dean Karnazes recounts his running history from runs home after school as a child to an abandonment of the sport in high school and on to an unimaginable return fifteen years later. That rekindled flame grows and grows, fueled by a need for purpose and the thrill of pushing one’s limits.

The challenges Karnazes voluntarily faces are daunting to read of and nearly impossible to fully comprehend: the first, and so far only, marathon to the South Pole, an ultramarathon through the hottest place on Earth where runners have to keep their strides on the white shoulder line or quickly find their shoes melting away, a 100-mile trail-running race with 38,000 feet of elevation change during which Karnazes runs until he goes blind…and then keeps going!

I recommend this fun read for anyone but especially for those who have ever pushed themselves physically just to see what they’re made of.



  1. […] my own to be too enticing to pass up. Other motivations included having just finished reading the UltraMarathon Man and a desire to get away from the monotony of the gnat-infested loop I’ve been running for […]

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